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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the workouts?
Each workout is roughly 30 minutes long and consists of a warm up, workout, cool down, stretch and deep breathing relaxation at the end.

Will this work if I am a beginner and need to take things slow?
Yes, you can do these workouts no matter where you are physically. We start with the basics and gradually build step by step in order to build a solid foundation before getting into any advanced exercises. This drastically reduces the chance of injury as well!

Do you sell DVD's?
No, our 100% online program allows me to fully support the members every step of the way and lets you have instant access to the program (No waiting 5-10 business days)! You can also do the program any time anywhere without worrying about lost or scratched dvd's.

Will I ever have to get down on the floor?
Absolutely NOT! We do all exercises from a seated or standing position using the chair for support.

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