For seniors who want to improve balance, build strength, increase mobility, and decrease aches & pains...
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These 6 full body workouts focus on increasing your balance, strength, flexibility, and most importantly, you're going to get your confidence and spunk for life back! Of course, we start slow, focusing on form and technique and progress over time.
Loosen your joints, burn calories, strengthen your heart, and get your weight going the way that you want it to go with these low impact cardio routines ...
Strengthen Your knees, core, back, and shoulders with these therapy workouts! 
Never get down on the floor!  Deron's chair yoga is perfect for your back, shoulders, posture and flexibility!  A lot of members like to relax and get a deep stretch with these videos before bed for a great nights sleep! 
I take you into the grocery store and into my kitchen where I show you how to shop, cook, and eat healthy without being on a diet!  Members that follow this step by step nutrition video guide are losing #s...
Join the fun in our private facebook group where all the members are there to help you through your journey!  We even have a live show once a week where you can personally interact with us :)
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is This Really Free?
Yes, It really is! I want to help you get moving again :)
How do I access the workouts?
You will use an email and password to login to my website so you can work out and eat right whenever you want!  You can access the videos from any device(phone, tablet, computer, iPad, etc...)
How long do I get the challenge for?
You will have the challenge forever!
Do I have to be on Facebook to access the program?
You do not have to be on Facebook to access the program. All videos and program material is accessed on my website 
Do you have a DVD?
We do not have a DVD. You can access the videos on any device(phone, tablet, computer, iPad, etc...)
Are there more workouts after the challenge?
Yes, there are many more workouts; however, I want you to start here with the fundamentals so that you know if Grow Young Fitness is the right fit for you. There is no further purchase required to access the first step program and the nutrition guide.
If You have any other questions email:
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