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Frequently Asked Questions
Is This Really Free?
Yes, It really is! I want to help you get moving again :)
How do I access the workouts?
You will use an email and password to login to my website so you can work out and eat right whenever you want!  You can access the videos from any device(phone, tablet, computer, iPad, etc...)
How long do I get the challenge for?
You will have the challenge forever!
Do I have to be on Facebook to access the program?
You do not have to be on Facebook to access the program. All videos and program material is accessed on my website 
Do you have a DVD?
We do not have a DVD. You can access the videos on any device(phone, tablet, computer, iPad, etc...)
Are there more workouts after the challenge?
Yes, there are many more workouts; however, I want you to start here with the fundamentals so that you know if Grow Young Fitness is the right fit for you. There is no further purchase required.
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